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About our Air Plants for Sale

About our Air Plants for Sale

There are a few things we want you to understand about our air plants at Air Plant Worlds: how they got their names, their unique attributes, and their lifecycle.

Each air plant type has two names: a scientific name of the species, and a name chosen by us. We believe each variety of air plant has a personality of its own and therefore is worthy of a great name. If you have ever had the opportunity to name a child, dog, cat, pet rock, or any other kind of pet, you understand the difficulty of picking the perfect name. After brainstorming ideas, we thought it was only fitting to use the top 10 girl baby names of 2012 from the popular baby name website, nameberry. We matched the names with the air plants based on what we saw of each of their personality traits.

The air plants we carry are healthy, happy, and excited about going home with you. Since air plants ae living creatures, no two are the exact same color or size. To act as a guide for you, we have provide size ranges in each of the air plant descriptions.

Air plants follow a unique growth cycle:

  • When air plants are not blooming, they are typically green in color. As they start to bloom, their leaves will change color (blush).
  • Air plants usually bloom only once in their lifetime. You can identify a blooming air plant because its leaves change color and a flower emerges.
  • After air plants bloom, they slowly produce "pups" from the base. Pups are basically little air plant babies that eventually can be detached from the base and used in another container or terrarium.
  • We try and send air plants that have not yet bloomed so the full bloom cycle can be enjoyed by the customer.

As long as you follow the Air Plant Care instructions, your air plants should be happy for years to come. Now go on, choose the Air Plants you want to take home today.

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