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Air Plant Care

Air Plant Care

At Air Plant Worlds, we love using visuals to communicate information. We thought, instead of listing another long, drawn out info page, we would give you something easier on the eyes.

Check out Air Plant Worlds Air Plant Care Instructions Infographic below (now try to say that 5 times fast). If you still prefer plain text, scroll to the bottom of the page for Air Plant Care information.

Air plants are very forgiving so don't worry if you don't follow this exactly as it is written every week.

Air Plant Care Instructions


The amount of water air plants need depends on the climate you live in. In dry climates, air plants will need a bit more water.

We recommend soaking for 30 minutes, once a week. After soaking, make sure to shake off excess water as standing water will hurt them. Set them upside down to dry. In-between soakings, spray with a water bottle to keep the air plant moist. For optimal care, we recommend doing a long soak every other week for about an hour.

Chlorinated water can be harmful to air plants, so natural or rain water is preferred.If you wish to use processed water, we recommend filtered water and some bromeliad fertilizer every so often for nutrients.


Ideal temperature for air plants is 50-90 degrees. Air plants prefer humid over dry air. If you live in a place with drier climates, make sure to keep your air plants moist with the spraying technique mentioned above.


Air plants prefer bright, indirect sunlight, 3-5 feet from windows or near an artificial light source. Direct sunlight in the winter months is fine just make sure not to put them in direct sunlight in mid-July.

Healthy or not healthy?

When air plants are healthy, their colors will be the most vibrant. If you tug lightly on the bottom leaves and they fall off easily, that means the air plant has enough water. If the leaves start to brown or feel dry, they need more water!

EXPERT AIR PLANT CARE TIP: To remind yourself to water your air plants, set a alarm or reminder in your phone that goes off once a week at a given time when you are most likely to be home.

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