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What are Air Plants

What are Air Plants

What are Air Plants

So what are air plants, you ask?

Besides trending to be 2014's most wanted decor accessory, Air plants are real plants that absorb nutrients from air and water through their leaves. Air plants are unique because they do not need soil to grow. In fact, putting them in soil can harm them. They make for great home decor not only because they are pretty to look at but they also help improve the air quality of your home.

Air plants are part of the Tillandsia plant family and grow naturally in parts of Central and South America. There are over 500 species of these plants. Common nicknames for some air plant varieties are Tillandsia, Tilly, Bromeliad, or Epiphytes.

Prior to blooming, many types of air plants have leaves that change color from green to red. You can get an idea of what type of geographic environment an air plant comes from by looking at the size and color of their leaves. Air plants with thicker leaves, such as the Caput Medusae, come from drier more desert-like environments, whereas many of the Ionantha varieties with thinner and brighter green leaves come from rain forest environments.

You may also often see the word "terrarium" tied to air plants. A terrarium is basically any partially enclosed container that a plant or animal can grow in. As you can imagine, with air plants, you can get quite creative. Check out our Air Plant Containers for ideas.

If you want to learn more about how to care for air plants, check out our Air Plant Care page.

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